Nissan to Release a Range-extended Note in Japan Later This Year

September 2016 - ATW 1

Credit: Tesla.
According to reports, the Nissan Note could get a battery powered “hybrid” counterpart, with an on-board gasoline-powered range extender as soon as November.

World’s Largest Fast-charging Station Opens in Norway

More than 150 Tesla owners showed up for the opening of a fast-charging station at rural Nebbenes, Norway. The new station can charge 28 electric vehicles simultaneously.

Gevo Inc and Lufthansa Enter Agreement Over Jet Fuel Supplies

September 2016 - ATW 2

Credit: Gevo Inc.

Gevo Inc. announced that it will supply Deutsche Lufthansa with alcohol-to-jet fuel (ATJ) from a new hydrocarbons facility planned for Luverne, Minnesota. The terms of the agreement state that Lufthansa will purchase up to eight million gallons per year of ATJ from Gevo, or up to 40 million gallons over the five-year span of the agreement.

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