December 22nd, 2016

On Scene Year in Review

This year, the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) eNews launched a new column as an ongoing effort to support the first responder community. The column “On Scene: AFVs and First Responders” is written by NAFTC first responder trainers Jeff Julian and Gary Garrisi, and provides news and information specific to first responders who may have to work with Alternative Fuel Vehicies (AFVs) at accident scenes.

We began the column by discussing some of the differences between AFVs and conventional vehicles in Alternative Fuel Vehicles – Just as Safe as Conventional Vehicles, But Different. Next, we covered the basic steps of approaching an AFV accident in Approaching an AFV Accident – Scene Control, a 360 Degree Survey, and Vehicle Identification and Approaching an AFV Accident – Vehicle Identification.

Then, we covered specific techniques and equipment for working with an AFV incident in Firefighting Techniques for Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Personal Protective Equipment for Firefighters Responding to Alternative Fuel Vehicle Incidents.

Finally, we discussed training opportunities in On Scene: AFV Training Opportunities.

The information contained in “On Scene” is not a substitute for dedicated AFV safety training, of course. Attempting to assist with a vehicle incident of any kind without proper knowledge, skills, and experience can be dangerous and may result in harm to the responder and those involved in the incident.

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