December 21st, 2016

NAFTC Year in Review

The past year has been a great one for the NAFTC! More training sessions were conducted this year than ever before, and the curriculum development team earned a fifth award from the Automotive Training Managers Council. In addition, the NAFTC exhibited, presented, and attended numerous events and activities in our home state of West Virginia and around the country.


The NAFTC was recognized for the Propane Autogas Vehicle Technician Training by the Automotive Training Managers’ Council (ATMC). This is the fifth National Excellence in Training Award for the NAFTC.

DEC 16 - YIR 1

The NAFTC won their fifth National Excellence in Training Award for the Propane Autogas Vehicle Technician Training. Credit: ATMC.

The Propane Autogas Vehicle Technician Training development was funded by the Propane Education and Research Council.


Throughout the year, the NAFTC has conducted the Propane Autogas Vehicle Technician Training, as part of a nationwide effort funded by PERC. The training sessions were conducted in Fort Valley, GA; Oklahoma City, OK; Lebanon, OR; Asheville, NC; Lima, OH; New Hudson, MI; and in Bessemer, AL. An additional Propane Autogas Vehicle Technician Training was conducted in Indianapolis, IN;

DEC 16 - YIR 2

The NAFTC hosted Propane Autogas Vehicle Technician Trainings across the United States. Credit: NAFTC.

The NAFTC conducted natural gas trainings, including Light-duty Natural Gas Vehicles and Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Inspector trainings, at NAFTC headquarters in Pasadena, TX; Morgantown, WV; McFarland, CA; Irving, TX; Baton Rouge, LA; and Grapevine, TX;.

Additionally, the NAFTC conducted two natural gas trainings for the Korea Transportation Safety Authority at the NAFTC Headquarters in Morgantown, WV.

The NAFTC hosted Electric Drive Vehicle Automotive Technician Trainings Appleton, WI; NAFTC Headquarters; and McFarland, CA.

First Responder Safety Trainings were held in Lewistown, PA; Arlington, TX; Ocala, FL; Seymour, IN; Austin, TX; Oklahoma City, OK; Little Rock, AR; and Corbin, KY.


NAFTC representatives promoted AFVs around West Virginia at the WV Construction and Design Expo; Monongalia County 8th Grade Career Fair; through the West Virginia State Parks system; at the WV Department of Transportation and the Division of Highways Annual Transportation Planning Conference; at the Governor’s Energy Summit; and with the WVU EcoCar 3 team.

DEC 16 - YIR 3

The NAFTC worked with WV State Parks personnel to assist with their program to add electric vehicle chargers to state parks. Credit: NAFTC.

The NAFTC also promoted AFVs around the country at the Energy Independence Summit; 2016 Green Truck Summit/Work Truck Show; Louisiana Alternative Fuels Conference and Expo; Fire Department Instructors Conference; ACT Expo; National American Council of Automotive Trainers (NACAT); North American School Bus EXPO Conference & Trade Show (STN EXPO) and Green Bus Summit; Propane Autogas Technology Forum (PATF); Automotive Recyclers’ Association Conference and Expo; and American Towman Exposition.


The NAFTC also began planning for the 2017 National AFV Day Odyssey Event to be held on April 20th. This will be the eighth installment of Odyssey.

This year was a great one for the NAFTC,” said Bill Davis, NAFTC director. “We are extremely proud to provide gold standard training and outreach activities. Our reputation has grown as we were recognized by leading industry awards and commendations. But the real reward is the word of mouth compliments on our training from users.”

“We look forward to the new year and the challenges that it will bring. The NAFTC staff stands ready to support the industry with any training needed,” Davis commented.

The NAFTC Headquarters and its member institutions wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season and the hope that 2017 is going to be even better!

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