Neste Plans to Sell 100% Renewable Diesel at Select Finnish Fuel Stations

October 2016 - ATW 1

Oil refiner and renewable solutions developer, Neste, is planning to sell diesel produced entirely from raw materials which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared to conventional diesel.

Sweden Launches $3.1M study on Electric Roads


While the Swedish Transport Administration has been testing an electric road, a new Swedish project, Research and Innovation Platform for Electric Roads, will explore how to make the step to large-scale operation, and examine technical issues such as the standardization of interfaces.

Electric roads feature electric sources that provide continuous power to electric trucks – a system similar to that used by railroads. The lines may be placed overhead, under the pavement, or through a rail in the pavement.

Around The World in 80eDays: EV Group Sets World Record in International Rally

October 2016 - ATW 3

Eleven international teams hailing from nine countries drove a total of 289,662 km together across Europe, North America, and Asia with 100% electric vehicles during the 80eDays Rally. In early September the electric vehicle rally completed their journey finished at the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, Spain.

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