Los Angeles Police Department Leases 100 Electric Vehicles

June 17 IH 1

Credit: Los Angeles Police Department.

The Los Angeles Police Department has leased 100 BMW i3 cars, bringing the city’s total number of EVs to 168. This gives Los Angeles the largest fully battery-powered municipal fleet in the United States.

Nissan Developing the World’s first SOFC-powered Vehicle System that Runs on Bio-ethanol Electric Power

June 17 IH 2

Credit: Nissan Motor Corporation.

Nissan Motor Company announced recently that it is in the process of researching and developing a Solid Oxide Fuel-Cell (SOFC)-powered system that will run on bio-ethanol electric power – a world’s first for automotive use.

Nikola Motor Company Generates $2.3 Billion in Pre-Sales in First Month

June 17 IH 3

Credit: Nikola Motor Company.

Nikola Motor Company, a hybrid truck design company, recently announced that they have received 7,000 pre-orders for an electric truck which was only unveiled last month.

According to the company, the truck offers and a range of 800-1,200 miles.

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