Chevrolet Bolt Details Unveiled

General Motors (GM) revealed the production 2017 Bolt recently at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. GM announced that the electric vehicle will have a 200-mile range and will be in production later this year.

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Chevrolet Bolt. Credit: General Motors.

Honda and General Motors are Working Together on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Honda and General Motors will set up a factory to jointly manufacture fuel cells, a move that will help bring development of fuel-cell vehicles to a new phase. Honda and GM have been jointly developing fuel-cell systems and hydrogen tanks since 2013, and now they plan to mass produce fuel cells by 2025. The goal of the jointly owned plant is to reduce production costs of fuel cells given that both automakers are working on commercial fuel-cell vehicles.

1-16 Industry Headlines Honda GM

The Honda Clarity fuel cell vehicle. Credit: American Honda Motor Company.

Coca-Cola Continues to Expand Its Heavy-Duty Hybrid Fleet in Atlanta

See how Coca-Cola is growing the largest heavy-duty hybrid fleet in North America.

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