Recently the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium and West Virginia University (WVU) EcoCAR 3 teamed up to conduct an event to educate students at University High School in Morgantown, WV about electric drive vehicles and other alternative fuel technologies.

The EcoCAR 3 team members explained the U.S. Department of Energy coordinated competition and invited the students who are interested to join the team when they begin college in the next few years. Additionally, videos were played that explained the EcoCAR challenge and then the team members hosted a fun, interactive electric drive vehicle quiz.

Eco CAR 1

University High School students participate in an interactive quiz hosted by WVU EcoCAR 3 team members. Credit: NAFTC.

“The team members on the EcoCAR 3 team are really passionate about the automotive industry. They loved having the opportunity to teach high school kids about the industry and let them know that they have the option to make this a career,” said Chelsea Betts, Communications Manager for EcoCAR3.

The NAFTC display included the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Training Educator (HEVTE) and the mobile Alternative Energy Learning Center. HEVTE is a third-generation Prius with portions of the outer body removed, which allowed students to easily and safely interact and see the inner workings of the vehicle. Students were able to scan QR codes located on HEVTE which linked to a website with more in depth information about the vehicle and its electric components.

The Alternative Energy Learning Center provided displays on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. These displays include interactive videos on the fuels, a sample propane tank, sections of natural gas tanks, and a video about the NAFTC and its programs.

Eco CAR 2

University High School students scan QR codes on HEVTE to learn more about the vehicle components. Credit: NAFTC.

The video below introduces the WVU EcoCAR 3 team.

To read more about the WVU EcoCAR 3 team, check out this month’s Let’s Clear the Air article.

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