On September 22, the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) hosted a one-day workshop at their headquarters. The workshop, entitled Hydrogen, Hydrogen Vehicle, and Hydrogen Fleet Awareness is the first in a series of planned one-day workshops on various alternative fuels.

These workshops are targeted toward automotive technicians, fleet managers, municipalities, and others interested in understanding alternative fuels, the current state of alternative fuel vehicle technologies, and how they apply to fleet applications.

The workshop covered a broad range of topics, including the basic history of hydrogen, its benefits, the potential effect of hydrogen on the economy, and other basic information about the fuel.

This workshop also gave participants the opportunity to examine hydrogen-powered vehicles and tour a hydrogen fueling station.

October 15 - Hydrogen Workshop

Workshop participants toured the NAFTC hydrogen station. Credit: NAFTC.

NAFTC National Instructor, Mark Schmidt, commented that the workshop was very well received.

“The attendees seemed to really enjoy the training. The class was particularly interested in the ways that hydrogen production and infrastructure could be a positive influence on the national economy. While they were interested in direct fleet applications of hydrogen, the class was more excited about the potential future of the fuel,” said Schmidt.

Upcoming workshops will be announced through the NAFTC Training Schedule.

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