First responders across the United States have embraced the NAFTC First Responder Quick Reference Guide and are making sure the people they work with know about this valuable tool.

The emergency management services of Bloomington, IN and Sandy Springs, GA have provided the QRG to all of their firefighters either through printed copies on the trucks or through the QRG iPhone or Android app.

October 15 - QRG 1

As the number of alternative fuel vehicles on our roads increases, so does the probability that these vehicles will be involved in accidents. While these vehicles are as safe as traditional vehicles, they are different. It is important that the men and women who work at these accident scenes are equipped to deal with these vehicles safely.

The QRG was developed by the NAFTC and is a tool for emergency personnel to access information about alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles as they encounter them through their work. The QRG focuses on information about the fueling systems of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles that would impact the steps first responders would take to work with the vehicles at accident scenes.

This information includes detailed, vehicle-specific information including identification mechanisms, disconnect procedures, and other special concerns related to alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

Because the scene of an accident is often chaotic, the QRG is designed to make this information available quickly, so first responders can safely secure the scene and disable the vehicle to assist passengers.

Carl Childree, FFII EMT from Sandy Springs, GA said, “The NAFTC is doing a great job for me and my guys. I like the quickness of going through the app and finding the vehicle I’m looking for.”

If you would like to ensure that first responders in your area have access to the QRG, visit the NAFTC First Responder Safety Training Website.

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