National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium Director Bill Davis spoke about Propane Facility Modification, NAFTC Technician Training, and Propane Conversion Quality on August 19, at the Propane Autogas Technology Forum in Leesburg, Virginia.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, in partnership with the Propane Education Research Council and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Clean Cities program, manage the PATF.

During the event, propane industry stakeholders sought to address and identify the most significant technological and market barriers affecting propane expansion. The results of PATF will be used to develop consensus around growing the propane autogas industry and informing the ways in which research investments by PERC, DOE, and others can have the greatest impact.

PATF participants include propane producers and distributors; fueling infrastructure owners and operators; fueling infrastructure equipment manufacturers; vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), conversion companies, and component manufacturers; policymakers; and fleet managers and end-users.

“The PATF participants are leaders in the propane industry,” said Davis. “The information and knowledge exchanged by the group will have a huge impact on the push to advance propane use in the United States.”

Aug 15 - Propane Forum

As the popularity of propane as a vehicle fuel continues to grow, so does the need for qualified technicians to maintain and repair these vehicles. Credit: Propane Education and Research Council.

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