Recently the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance joined the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) as the first consortium member organization located outside of the United States.

July 15 - Oh Canada

“The NAFTC is pleased to welcome CNGVA as the first international consortium member,” said Bill Davis NAFTC director. “The addition of CNGVA to our membership network has allowed us to expand NAFTC services to an international audience to educate more people about alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. We are excited to begin work with the organization to customize training materials for their members and clients.”

CNGVA has set a goal to help contribute to a safety-conscious culture in the Canadian natural gas industry and they believe state-of-the-art, standardized training is the underpinning of that endeavor.

Bruce Winchester, CNGVA Executive Director commented, “We wanted to ensure that CNGVA accessed well-established natural gas vehicle training, and felt that the NAFTC materials exceeded that description.”

The natural gas vehicle industry is similar to that of the U.S. The majority of natural gas vehicles are associated with fleets where the longer driving times can take advantage of the monetary savings of natural gas.

However, Canadian fleets use different measurements than in the United States and in some areas predominantly speak French. CNGVA feels that it is important that the natural gas trainings for French-speaking Canadians draw from the English-language courses so that there is a universal training culture across the country.

Additionally, safety certifications occur at the local level, meaning that materials must cover information and standards applicable to each province.

Natural gas is also fairly common in maritime applications and in remote mining areas of Canada. CNGVA is interested in potentially utilizing NAFTC materials to expand their natural gas trainings to these areas.

Winchester said, “We believe that the CNGVA membership in the consortium is an association that will grow through the years, both through the activities of CNGVA and through CNGVA members and clients.”

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