Last month, National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) Director Bill Davis attended a meeting of alternative fuel vehicle industry leaders to strategize about the advancement of propane autogas as a vehicle fuel.

The meeting was hosted by Blossman, Inc. and took place at their Autogas Research & Technology Center in Asheville, NC. The company wants to expand the market of propane, particularly in the vehicle industries – both on road (in cars and trucks) and off road (such as mowers and forklifts). They pulled together a panel of leaders in the alternative fuel vehicle industry to discuss the future of propane autogas, share the work that Blossman has been doing to advance propane, and to ask for input to grow market share in the automotive industries.

President of Blossman Services Inc. Ed Hoffman commented “We felt that it was important to meet with these organizations because working together will only aid in the growth of the propane autogas industry. Getting their input into the future of the industry and ways that we can continue the work that has been accomplished is critical for our business plan.”

“We felt that the meeting was a success because of the relationships that were developed. We feel certain that partnerships will be formed as a result of this meeting that will assist with the growth of the propane autogas industry for years to come” he continued.

The meeting included presentations on global alternative fuels, alternative vehicle technology options in the United States, current propane autogas vehicle options, propane autogas supply in the U.S., regulatory and policy factors in the propane industries, and next generation energy solutions and renewable propane. Event attendees also toured the Autogas Research & Technology Center.

Apr 15 Blossman 1

President of Blossman Services Inc. Ed Hoffman led the meeting attendees on a tour of the Autogas Research & Technology Center. Credit: NAFTC.

Blossman has been working to bring propane autogas conversions and other platforms through EPA approval processes and certification and to develop standardized measurements to the propane industry.

Davis commented, “It was good to see what Blossman has been doing for the propane industry in their area and to talk to other people in the alt fuels industry and hear about how they have been working with propane autogas. The NAFTC is excited to see what we can do to help Blossman and other autogas providers to put additional autogas vehicles on the road and into service.”

“It is exciting to be involved in such a progressive group of professionals. We feel fortunate to be able to have access to different perspectives that help enable our organization commercialize products that can have a positive impact to many different stakeholders” said Hoffman.

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