Apr 15 MS FCTC

First Coast Technical College recently joined the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) as a National Training Center member, launching a specialized training program in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

In March automotive instructors from FCTC visited the NAFTC to attend a Light-Duty Natural Gas Vehicle train-the-trainer course and a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fuel System Inspector train-the-trainer course.

Apr 15 Member Spotlight 2

Staff from FCTC attended natural gas training at NAFTC headquarters. Credit: NAFTC.

This training will allow the school to launch a specialized automotive training program for natural gas vehicles in St. Johns County Florida. This month they will begin training others in their area.

NAFTC Director Bill Davis said, “It’s great to have First Coast Technical College as new members. They have really jumped in to work with organizations in their area to get alternative fuel vehicle information to the people that need it – the technicians that will be working with these vehicles. This is a great example of how together we do make a difference.”

FCTC will provide short-term training courses in natural gas vehicles to help St. Johns County Fleet Maintenance transition to vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG).

“It’s convenient for us, and it’s great having a partnership keeping everything within the county,” said Jeff Nordsiek, fleet manager for St. Johns County who also serves on FCTC’s board for alternative fuels.

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