University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) Automotive Division Head Steven Klausing accompanied nine College of Applied Technologies students to the Work Truck Show/Green Truck Summit event. Their trip provided them with an opportunity to leave the classroom behind for a bit and to gain real-world experience with leaders in the alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle industry.

The students coordinated and hosted the ride-and-drive area of the show, thanks to a strong partnership between the university and the Work Truck Show/ Green Truck Summit.

Students were selected to attend the conference after being nominated by their UNOH Instructors and going through an in-depth interview process.

“The students look forward to the Work Truck Show every year.” said Klausing. “Students, who attend the show, benefit from seeing the new technologies firsthand and are able to make contacts for employment opportunities after they leave school. The students also have the opportunity to work with and drive the vehicles which are being run on natural gas, propane, hybrid electric/hydraulic and straight electric power.”

3-15 UNOH

UNOH Students Hunter Snyder, Levi Speers, Michael Fritz, James Kelly, Ronnie Rowell, Remmington Smith, Keith Batta, Ryan Orr, Michael Horton, and Instructor Steven Klausing. Credit: NAFTC.

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