Austin Community College recently joined the National Alternative Fuels training Consortium (NAFTC) as a National Training Center member, launching a specialized automotive training program for alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles in their community.

Excited to put their membership into action, the college scheduled the NAFTC to conduct training at their facility right away.

The training included a Light-Duty Natural Gas Vehicle Train-the-Trainer Course and a Compressed Natural Gas Fuel System Inspector Train-the-Trainer Course held December 15-19 and an Electric Drive Vehicle Automotive Technician Train-the-Trainer course held January 12-16.

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Alternative fuel vehicles are growing in popularity in the United States. As a consequence, the need for qualified technicians to service and maintain these vehicles is growing every year. Trainings such as the ones in Austin will help prepare tomorrow’s technicians to work on the vehicles.

“With the growing interest in electric drive and natural gas vehicles, there is a need for people qualified in using and maintaining the fueling and propulsion systems. These trainings were designed and presented to train the instructors who will end up teaching others,” said NAFTC Instructor Mark Schmidt.

Faculty and staff from the college’s automotive department, facilities, continuing education, and instructors from the electronics department attended the classes. Several industry representatives also attended the training. Members of the Texas Railroad Commission, Nat-G – local natural gas converter, Swagelok, a representative from Texas Gas Service, representatives from the City of Austin, and representatives from Austin Energy also presented information about natural gas in the Austin area and displayed natural gas vehicles during the training.

As a consortium member, Austin Community College has access to train-the-trainer classes on numerous alternative fuel vehicle topics for automotive technicians. For more information about joining the NAFTC, visit MyNAFTC.

Austin Community College is one of nearly 50 National and Associate Training Centers across the country. These centers are the only schools in the United States to offer the award winning, state-of-the-art NAFTC curricula and training.

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