Last month Toyota North America Chief Executive Officer Jim Lentz announced the company’s commitment to create a hydrogen refueling infrastructure in five northeastern U.S. states.

To support the introduction of Toyota’s new fuel cell vehicle, Mirai, into the region in 2016, Toyota is collaborating with Air Liquide to develop and supply a phased network of 12 state-of-the-art hydrogen stations. The stations are planned for New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The locations have been strategically selected in the greater New York and Boston areas and on the route between these two cities to provide the backbone of a hydrogen highway for the Northeast corridor.

DEC 14 Toyota East

Toyota plans to support the introduction of the Mirai with hydrogen infrastructure in California and five northeastern U.S. states. Credit: Toyota.

“Toyota’s vision of a hydrogen society is not just about building a great car, but ensuring accessible, reliable and convenient refueling for our customers,” said Jim Lentz. “I am happy to announce that this vision will expand beyond the borders of California and give customers the opportunity to join the fuel cell movement.”

This new announcement builds on Toyota’s previous support for hydrogen infrastructure in California. In May 2014, Toyota announced a $7.3 million loan to FirstElement Fuels to support the operations and maintenance of 19 hydrogen fueling stations across the state.

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