With National Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Day Odyssey only one month away, several organizations have pledged their support through partnerships.
Odyssey is a biennial, nationwide event created to increase awareness of and educate the public on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. Odyssey 2014 is scheduled for October 17th, with events taking place over a span of several weeks.

AltCar Expo, West Virginia’s Oil and Gas Expo, the National Advanced Biofuels Conference and Expo, NGVOK, Southeast Alternative Fuels Conference and Expo, the West Virginia EMS Conference and Expo, WVU National Research Center for Coal and Enery, West Virginia Clean State Program, Drive Green Across America, and NGV 2014 South Africa have all signed on as Odyssey Special Event Partners. Each will showcase information about Odyssey during their events.

Special event partners work in partnership with National AFV Day Odyssey to spread Odyssey’s message to their event attendees.

In addition Ethanol Producer, Biomass Magazine, Biodiesel Magazine, and AutoVolt, the United Kingdom’s premiere electric and hybrid vehicle magazine, have signed on as media partners, promoting Odyssey’s message through their publications. To learn more about National AFV Day Odyssey and its partners and sponsors, visit the Odyssey Homepage.

8-14 Ody Alt Car
8-14 Ody WVOG

8-14 Ody Bio
8-14 Ody NGVOK

8-14 Ody SE
8-14 Ody WV Ems 2

8-14 Ody NRCCE
8-1 Ody WV Clean State

8-14 Ody Drive
8-14 Ody ZA

8-14 AutoVolt
8-14 Ethanol 2

8-14 Ody Biom 2
8-14 Ody Biod 2

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