The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) hosted a professional development meeting for its consortium members in Dearborn, MI August 9-11.

During the three-day meeting members had the opportunity to attend Alpha testing of the new Propane Vehicle Technician Training curriculum, tour the new Alternative Energy Learning Center mobile classroom, visit the ROUSH Cleantech facility, and tour the Henry Ford Museum.

NAFTC Director Bill Davis said “The meeting was a great success. The attendees provided deep and meaningful insight into the curriculum development process for the propane autogas training for technicians.”

Meeting attendees were treated to a preview of the NAFTC’s upcoming propane vehicle training. The attendees reviewed the training over two-days and provided valuable feedback. A tentative date for the release of the Propane Vehicle Technician Training curriculum is near the beginning of the New Year. Representatives from the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) attended the training and answered specific questions about propane autogas.

Vice President of Education and Training at PERC Stuart Flatow explained, “PERC is pleased to partner with the NAFTC to provide a formal course for students seeking knowledge on trouble shooting and maintaining propane autogas fuel systems. The course is being developed with input from the propane industry, original equipment manufacturers, and automotive instructors associated with technical learning institutions.”

Flatow continued, “In August, I attended a 2-day professional development meeting in Dearborn, MI, provided by the NAFTC. Fourteen automotive instructors from across the country had the opportunity to become familiar with the course by reviewing draft course work and providing valuable input. Our hope is that technical learning institutions will include the propane autogas course as a part of its formal automotive curriculum. The professional development meeting was certainly a start in that direction.”

Davis commented, “The interaction between the instructors and the NAFTC staff and PERC was phenomenal. Each side received a deeper understanding of what is needed to train technicians on this rapidly growing technology.”

NAFTC Assistant Director – Curricula and Training Micheal Smyth commented, “The consortium members were excited about being a part of what will be the nation’s best and most supported autogas technician course, but also proud that their technical knowledge and experiential feedback will make a true difference in the quality of the materials.”

NAFTC Instructor Mark Schmidt said, “The NAFTC and consortium members were really excited that the representative from PERC was there. PERC was able to answer specific questions about propane trends and costs.”

8-14 Prof Dev 1 Propane

Consortium members had the opportunity to attend the alpha testing of the new Propane Vehicle Technician Training. Credit: NAFTC.

Bill Davis provided an update on the NAFTC and consortium activities, including an overview of NAFTC participation in 14 conferences and the conduct of 59 trainings, since the member’s last meeting.

8-14 Prof Dev 2 Bill

NAFTC Director Bill Davis welcomed members and provided a brief business update on the NAFTC. Credit: NAFTC.

During the meeting, consortium members also had the opportunity to see the new Alternative Energy Learning Center mobile classroom. The mobile classroom has several interactive displays about alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles and will be used at events and trainings within driving distance of NAFTC headquarters.

8-14 Prof Dev 3 HEVTE

Meeting attendees were able to see the new Alternative Energy Learning Center and work with its interactive displays, including the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Training Educator (HEVTE). Credit: NAFTC.

Consortium members toured the ROUSH CleanTech facility, including the manufacturing floor, and heard presentations about the ROUSH CleanTech propane conversions and service facility. Following the ROUSH CleanTech tours and presentations, attendees visited the ROUSH Museum.

8-14 Prof Dev 5

Director – ROUSH Manufacturing and Quality Engineering John Gerke explains the quality control scheme for the ROUSH propane fuel rails. Credit: NAFTC.

8-14 Prof Dev 6 Ford

Many ROUSH racing vehicles were on display at the ROUSH Museum. Credit: NAFTC.

Davis commented, “The staff at ROUSH CleanTech were superb in giving attendees a complete understanding of how the up-fitting of Ford vehicles to propane autogas is completed. It helped the instructors with the knowledge they need to provide to their students. The additional tours of ROUSH Performance and the ROUSH Museum were just the icing on the cake for the attendees. Even for a die-hard fan of another marque, it was still a charge to see the vehicles that Jack ROUSH found special.”

Following the tour of ROUSH meeting attendees toured the Henry Ford Museum, where they were able to see many vehicles from throughout the history of Ford Motor Vehicles.

8-14 Prof Dev 7 Ford H

The Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999 was on display during the consortium members’ visit to the ROUSH Museum. Credit: NAFTC.

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