The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) concluded a series of four trainings in Texas recently offering a Heavy-Duty Gaseous Fuel Applications course, hosted by Dallas Fort-Worth Clean Cities.
“We had a wide variety of students in the class including conversion specialists, engineers, fleet managers, and technicians. They all wanted to learn more about heavy-duty vehicles.” Said NAFTC Instructor Mark Schmidt. “The students could all use the information we presented in different ways. Some needed to know how to work on the vehicles. Others wanted to learn more about the heavy-duty gaseous vehicles to see if they would work in their fleets.”

8-14 Heavy Duty Cover

Heavy-duty fleets are increasingly turning to natural gas and propane fuels to save money and meet energy policies. Credit: NAFTC.

The number of heavy-duty vehicles powered by alternative fuels grows every year. Mandates such as the Energy Policy Act of 1992 require most large fleets to include alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs). This means that the demand for AFV technicians is increasing dramatically. An AFV technician needs to know everything that is currently applicable to heavy-duty vehicles, along with new technology to deal with the gaseous fuel system, engine, electronics, and exhaust. This course meets the needs of the technician, the employer, and the training institution.

The three-day training gives students a chance to get hands-on experience with heavy duty gaseous fuel vehicles in addition to traditional classroom instruction.

The previous trainings were hosted by the Houston-Galveston Area Council, Houston Community College, and San Jacinto College. They included Electric Drive Automotive Technician Training, Light-duty Compressed Natural Gas Training, and Compressed Natural Gas Fuel System Inspector Training. All of the Houston classes provided train-the-trainer instruction. The trainings were funded through a U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities grant for the implementation of initiatives to advance alternative fuel markets.

For a complete list of upcoming NAFTC trainings, consult the Training Schedule.

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