London legislators are working with automakers to alleviate some of the city’s pollution—some of the worst of any city in Europe. Among these automakers is Metrocab, a company that purpose-builds taxis for London.
Its latest product, an electric cab, is drawing praise. Recently, Mayor of London Boris Johnson described the new cab as “a masterpiece? the Rolls-Royce of taxis.”

4-14 New Range

The Metrocab can potentially decrease the amount of harmful emissions released into the local air of London. Credit: Metrocab.

The vast majority of London’s black taxis are currently powered by diesel engines. These vehicles are designed for reliability and ruggedness over hundreds of thousands of miles of use.

Diesel emissions play a big part in London’s pollution problems.

“The worst thing about sitting in London traffic is sitting alongside noisy buses and diesel cars,” explained Steve McNamara, general secretary at the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA). “I’m a great fan of [electric vehicles] and I think they are the future.”

London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC) Chairman Grant Davis agreed, “Our members drove it today and everyone said they were impressed, amazingly impressed.”

The new Metrocab uses a one liter gasoline engine as a range-extending unit, alongside a 12.2 kWh lithium ion battery back.

Drivers are expected to save $50–$66 each day. With a blended fuel economy of 62 mpg, the new cab uses a third of the fuel of current London taxis.

Additionally, London residents will enjoy cleaner local air.

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