The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) and one of its National Training Center members, University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH), were represented at the NTEA Green Truck Summit/Work Truck Show.

NAFTC Acting Director Bill Davis and Assistant Director – Communications and Outreach Judy Moore attended the event March 3–7 in Indianapolis, IN to exhibit NAFTC training materials and announce the upcoming revision of the NAFTC propane curricula.

MAR 2014 WT 1

Judy Moore and Bill Davis spoke with Green Truck Summit attendees about training available from the NAFTC. Credit: NAFTC.

Featuring new products, training programs and technical engineering support from exhibitors, the Work Truck Show offers attendees the opportunity to interact with industry peers, meet with current suppliers, get answers to technical questions, experience special events and visit with exhibiting companies.

Davis commented on the size and scope of the exhibits. “The exhibit hall was one of the largest alternative fuel market places that I have seen for the industry. And the expertise of the people manning the exhibits was exceptional. They were selling not only products, but information and service as well, and it seemed that the message was generally universal. Go ahead and make the move. The move to alternative fuel vehicles is happening now. If you wait, you are going to be behind the curve. “

In addition to meeting with attendees in the exhibit hall, Davis presented a break-out session on “Finishing Maintenance Training Before Your Alternative Fuel Truck Arrives: The Difference Between Going to Work or Sitting on the Sidelines.”

Davis commented, “The NTEA Conference/Green Truck Summit was a great meeting of the alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicle industry. The myriad of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and displays was very heartening to someone who has been around the industry for a significant period of time. We are starting to get to where we wanted to be 15–20 years ago.”

MAR 2014 WT 2

NAFTC Acting Director Bill Davis spoke to Green Truck Summit attendees about the importance of maintenance training for alternative fuel vehicle fleets. Credit: NAFTC.

“Propane autogas and natural gas vehicles and equipment were the most prevalent, but the other fuels had a presence as well. Fleet managers were able to see and touch a host of vehicles as they looked at the conversion of a fleet to alternative fuels. Training and presentations were bountiful on alternative fuels and advice for fleet managers was readily available, from the session chaired by the NAFTC on training before you get your vehicles to fuel specific sessions and how to work with the industry,” continued Davis.

UNOH Automotive Division Head Steven Klausing attends the Work Truck Show each year with student ambassadors who assist with the Green Truck Ride and Drive. The experience gives the students, who are selected by their professors and undergo an interview process to attend, a chance to interact with industry professionals and learn outside of the classroom.

MAR 2014 WT 3

Students from UNOH assisted with the ride-and-drive portion of the Green Truck Summit. Credit: NAFTC.

Davis summed up the NAFTC experience at the event. “Having been in well over 100 conference exhibit halls, I can tell you that this was the best so far. Makes me really look forward to the future and how Together, we DO make a difference.”

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