On February 10, members of the Malaysian Automotive Institute visited the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC).

The Malaysian Automotive Institute was formed to transform the Malaysian automotive industry into a globally competitive sector, to harness and mobilize collective efforts among the automotive stakeholders, and to undertake strategic research and studies for inputs and policy advice to the government.

Malaysia has seen a recent rise in interest in electric vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles. The National Automotive Policy (NAP) for 2014 will focus, in part, on establishing Malaysia as a regional hub for energy-efficient vehicles. The NAP was introduced in March 2006 to facilitate the integration of the local automotive industry to regional and global industry networks and the competitive global environment. The NAP is periodically reviewed and adjusted to foster a more competitive local presence in the market.

NAFTC Acting Director Bill Davis commented, “The visit from the Malaysian Automotive Institute members was an exceptional example that the use of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles is really a world-wide phenomenon. We would love to work with them to establish a program similar to the NAFTC in Malaysia that could be used to work with the entire Pacific Rim.”

Feb 14 Malaysia

The Malaysian Automotive Institute members’ visit included presentations about the NAFTC and alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles in the United States. Credit: NAFTC.

The visitors listened to presentations on the history and mission of the NAFTC and on the importance of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle use in the United States. The presentations focused on alternative fuel use in the U.S., but emphasized that many alternative fuel practices would be applicable in other countries as well.

Following the presentations, the group toured NAFTC facilities and viewed many of the vehicles that the NAFTC uses in training and educational events.

FEB 14 Malaysia 2

After the tour of the facility the Malaysian Automotive Institute members presented the NAFTC with an award of appreciation for hosting the group. Credit: NAFTC.

Davis continued, “The more training available means the higher adoption of the technologies, the cleaner the environment will become, and the increase in the reduction of the use of crude oil based fuels for vehicles. It truly proves that ‘together, we do make a difference,’ FOR OUR WORLD.”

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