This January, a unique car made its debut on the Las Vegas Strip—the Spark-Renault SRT_01E.

The SRT_01E is no ordinary car: it’s a racecar, a high-tech vehicle that can accelerate to speeds faster than 150 mph, but—even more impressively—it is an electric car. That means that it is powered on electricity alone, rather than on gasoline, and that the only emissions that it produces as it zooms around the racetrack are heat and water. That’s right: heat and water.

The SRT_01E’s Las Vegas debut included a test drive by Brazilian driver Lucas di Grassi.

Di Grassi took the SRT_01E out for a spin on January 6—zooming around a makeshift racetrack that looped near the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino (a towering 44-story building with gold-tinted windows) and the Luxor hotel. In part, the drive was a test of the vehicle’s handling capabilities, its ability to turn quickly, and its acceleration rate, but it was also an opportunity for di Grassi to showcase the vehicle’s power and elegance. Sleek and stylish, the SRT_01E is a metallic gray with black and blue accents.


Brazilian racecar driver Lucas di Grassi takes the SRT_01E on a test drive near the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino and the Luxor hotel as sunset approaches. Credit: FIA Formula-e Championship.


The SRT_01E makes its debut on the Las Vegas Strip. Credit: FIA Formula-e.

What’s in the future for the racecar?
The SRT_01E will compete in a unique upcoming championship series: the Formula-e series. The Formula-e series is noteworthy because it is the first racing championship exclusively devoted to electric cars.

“We are a championship on a mission, and the mission is to have more electric cars on the streets all around the world,” said Formula-e CEO Alejandro Agag. “People love motorsport, but now they also care very much about the environment. So together, it’s a great combination.”

The Formula-e series is slated to begin in September of this year, and will run through June 2015.

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