The famous soft drink company—Coca-Cola—geared up for the new year in a unique way: this December, they converted all of their newly purchased 2014 Chevrolet Express service vans into fuel-efficient hybrid electric vehicles. These brand new Coca-Cola service vans are now in operation all across the country.

Coca-Cola Service Van

Coca-Cola has converted 100 of its 2014 Chevrolet Express service vans into fuel-efficient hybrid electric vehicles, like the one pictured above. Credit: Coca-Cola Company.

Since Coca-Cola has resolved to reduce the carbon footprint of its drinks by the end of the decade, the hybrid initiative fits in well with the company’s overarching goals.

“Adoption of this hybrid technology supports Coca-Cola’s goal to reduce the carbon footprint embedded in ‘the drink in your hand’ by 25 percent by 2020,” said Bruce Karas, Vice President of Environment and Sustainability for Coca-Cola. “We continue to make energy-saving investments because they are good for business, good for the communities we serve, and good for the planet.”

So far, Coca-Cola’s resolutions to cut down on emissions and fuel costs have paid off. Early tests of the hybrid technology have shown that the vans use 15 to 20 percent less fuel than their conventional counterparts. Moreover, the 100 new hybrid vans are expected to eliminate about 4,000 total tons of carbon dioxide emissions that conventional vans would normally produce over their 10-year life span.

The initiative can also help Coca-Cola to save money.

“XL Hybrids provides technology that helps Coca-Cola meet its emissions reduction goals while saving money,” said Justin Ashton, Vice President of Business Development and Co-founder at XL Hybrids. “Our company’s goal is to accelerate fuel and emissions at a large scale. To accomplish this, we had to design and commercialize technology that provides a solid economic return on investment to corporate consumers.”

Although Coca-Cola has operated hybrid electric vehicle fleets in the past—in fact, the company currently operates the largest heavy-duty hybrid electric delivery fleet in North America—this is an important expansion for the company in terms of its light-duty fleet.

The soft drink company has also recently expanded its alternative fuel vehicle options in the San Francisco Bay area, with 16 refrigerated plug-in hybrid electric vehicles making deliveries of the company’s Odwalla brand beverages.

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