As the year is wrapping up, the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) has continued to provide First Responder Safety Training to educational facilities and organizations across the nation.

The First Responder Safety Training features a suite of products and training for biofuels, gaseous fuels, hydrogen, and electric drive vehicles. Alternative fuel vehicles are different than conventional vehicles, and it is critical that first responders be properly trained to respond to accidents involving these vehicles. Training participants learn to safely respond to accidents involving vehicles that run on these fuels.

December First Responder Safety Training

The First Responder Safety Training is available as four-hour workshops covering each fuel type, with hands-on learning activities or as a two-day course (covering all four workshops) for those interested in becoming an instructor of the workshops.

This November and December, the NAFTC traveled to six different states—Indiana, Maine, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia—to provide First Responder Safety Training to many organizations.

November Trainings
In November, the NAFTC was given the opportunity to share its First Responder Safety Training with participants from four different states: South Carolina, Indiana, Texas, and West Virginia.

The first trainings of the month took place at three different educational facilities in South Carolina: York Technical College in Rock Hill, Trident Technical College in North Charleston, and South Carolina Fire Academy in Columbia. The trainings were hosted by Palmetto Clean Cities.

Next up on the travel schedule was Indianapolis, IN. NAFTC trainers traveled to the state capital in order to conduct a training for the Greater Indiana Clean Cities. The training took place from November 13–14.

Later in November, the NAFTC traveled to Dallas/Fort Worth, TX to conduct a First Responder Safety Training at the James Avenue Service Center. The training was hosted by the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

The final stop on the map was in South Charleston, WV at Bridgemont Community and Technical College. The training, which took place on November 23, wrapped up the NAFTC’s First Responder Safety Training schedule for the month.

December Trainings
As the holiday season approaches, the NAFTC is still busy training first responders and emergency personnel to help ensure they return safely to their families. This December, the NAFTC conducted First Responder Safety Training in Concord, NH and South Portland, ME. The trainings were hosted by the Ocean State Clean Cities at the New Hampshire Fire Academy, Southern Maine Community College, and Greater Indiana Clean Cities.

About the NAFTC’s First Responder Safety Training
The NAFTC began conducting first responder safety training in 2005 in order to equip first responders with the knowledge they need to confront a growing number of automotive accidents involving alternative fuel vehicles. The training has grown to include a full suite of training and materials. Currently more than twenty training sessions are scheduled for 2014.

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