2013 was a Banner Year for the NAFTC! With the addition of members across the country and our first Business Members, the growth of the NAFTC continues. We welcomed back some old friends (past members) and we also kept some old friends with us in the form of the first Emeritus Members. Training flourished during the year and the NAFTC conducted more training this year than ever before. The curriculum development team earned a second straight award from the Automotive Training Managers Council and the communications team captured four (yes FOUR) MARCOM awards. This shows us that our products are going in the right direction. Along with record training, it’s quite possible we also achieved a record number of frequent travel incentives! The NAFTC exhibited, presented, and attended numerous events and activities in our home state of West Virginia and around the country.

We must also say a formal good-bye to two major undertakings: the Advanced Electric Drive Vehicle Education Program and the Clean Cities Learning Program. Both of these projects will be completed at the end of the year, but by no means will they be finished. The materials, connections, and activities generated by these programs will continue into the future with the NAFTC.

This year was also a continued time of growth for adding new members. The NAFTC added its first business members: American Sunroof Upholstery and the Electric Vehicle Institute. The NAFTC added the following National Training Centers: Advanced Technology Center, Bridgemont Community and Technical College, Iowa Western Community College, Merced College, Metropolitan College, New River Community and Technical College &#150:, and Tidewater Community College. The Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology and Sierra Nevada Jobs Corps. Center joined the NAFTC as Associate Training Center members. Also, the NAFTC welcomed back Madison Area Technical College, New England Institute of Technology, and Onondaga Community College. Finally, the NAFTC inducted its first emeritus consortium members: Jim Pitts, Nick Wagoner, and Terry Wolfe.

Mo Photo

NAFTC Acting Director Bill Davis (right) inducts American Sunroof and Upholstery Owner Mo Pourahmadi (left) as one of the first NAFTC Business Members. Credit: NAFTC.

The NAFTC achieved national recognition this year with awards for curricula and marketing: an ATMC Excellence in Training Award for the Clean Cities Learning Program Petroleum Reduction Technologies Curriculum and four MarCom Awards for marketing and communications projects.

December NAFTC in review

NAFTC Assistant Director – Communications and Outreach Judy Moore (first row – center) stands with other ATMC award winners. Credit: NAFTC.

The efforts of the NAFTC were also recognized close to home with an appointment to the West Virginia Natural Gas Transition Team. The NAFTC also attended and presented at the the initial Appalachian Basin Natural Gas Vehicle Expo and Conference; spoke about the gasification of state fleets at the West Virginia Propane Autogas Association Fall 2013 meeting; testified before the West Virginia Joint Commission on Economic Development on the safety of gaseous fuels; and was involved in numerous training and educational activities throughout the state.

Representatives from the NAFTC traveled across the country to spread the word about alternative fuels, promote the programs of the NAFTC and its consortium, and learn about new alternative fuel systems and developments. The NAFTC attended the Clean Cities 20th Anniversary Celebration, the ACT Expo, the Electric Drive Transportation Association Conference, the Automotive Training Managers Council Annual Conference, the Energy Independence Summit, and the Green Truck Summit/NTEA.

December UNOH

Students from the University of Northwestern Ohio coordinate the ride-and-drive area of the Green Truck Summit. Credit: NAFTC.

In addition, the NAFTC attended conferences outside of the alternative fuels industry. The consortium promoted the First Responder Safety Training at Fire-Rescue Med and showcased the Advanced Electric Drive Vehicle Education Program curricula and materials at the Vision Hi-Tech Training and Expo.

Groups and organizations also visited the NAFTC to learn about alternative fuels in the United States, including a group of West Virginia University (WVU) students from China and a group of Chinese business executives. Additionally nationwide Clean Cities representatives visited the NAFTC to learn more about its programs.

December Chinese

Visitors from the WVU College of Business and Economics Center for Chinese Business toured the NAFTC headquarters to learn about alternative fuel vehicle use in the United States. Credit: NAFTC.

At the NAFTC headquarters, the West Virginia Clean State Program hosted a stakeholder meeting on the emergence of natural gas and propane in West Virginia. This event was co-hosted by the West Virginia Department of Energy and included a tour of the NAFTC facility, a panel discussion, and ride-and-drive opportunities.

As always, the NAFTC focused the bulk of its efforts on training and curricula development.

The NAFTC headquarters, using the NAFTC national instructors and adjunct instructors, conducted over seventy weeks of training on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. For a list of upcoming trainings, visit the online Training Schedule.

December Training

NAFTC Assistant Director – Micheal Smyth shows students the inside of a Toyota Prius using the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Training Educator, or HEVTE during a training in Old Bethpage, NY. Credit: NAFTC.

“It has been a great year for the NAFTC,” said Bill Davis, NAFTC acting director. “We have had one of the greatest years in our history. But we also have not lost sight of the goal that we have. Clean Air and Energy Independence has been our leading light for many years. The work that we do is going to make this world a better place for future generations. There can be no better goal for an organization than that.”

The NAFTC Headquarters and its member institutions wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday season and the knowledge that 2014 is going to be even better yet!

Merry Christmas!

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