On October 16th and 17th, the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) conducted a First Responder Safety Training at the Nassau County Fire Service Academy in Old Bethpage, NY.

Held as part of the Greater Long Island Clean Cities Coalition Advancing the Choice – Alternative Fuels conference, the training was funded through a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant.

Participants in the class came from varied backgrounds. They included first responders, fleet maintenance technicians, members of the New York State Parks Department, alternative fuel vehicle dealers, and alternative fuel providers.

“We were surprised and excited to see that many of the class participants were not first responders, but technicians and other people interested in the safety procedures of these vehicles,” said Micheal Smyth, assistant director – curriculum and training. “We realized that this material had use to many audiences, in addition to firefighters and EMS workers. Clean Cities Coordinator Rita Ebert did a great job in attracting participants to the event.”

Bethpage 1

NAFTC trainer Jeff Julian begins his presentation to the class of 30. Credit: NAFTC.

Bethpage 2

NAFTC Assistant Director – Micheal Smyth shows students the inside of a Toyota Prius using the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Training Educator, or HEVTE. Credit: NAFTC.

The Clean Cities Learning Program First Responder Safety Training materials were used for the class. The class covered biofuel and biofuel vehicles, gaseous fuels (natural gas and propane) and gaseous fuel vehicles, hydrogen and hydrogen fueled vehicles, and electric drive vehicles.

For more information on the NAFTC’s First Responder Safety Training, click here: http://www.naftc.wvu.edu/course_workshop_information/first_responders

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