The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) attended the West Virginia Clean State Program stakeholder meeting on October 18th.

During the meeting, TJ Meadows, WV CNG business manager for IGS, provided attendees with a guided tour of West Virginia’s newest CNG fueling station at the On-the-Run Exxon at Charles Pointe, in Bridgeport, WV. Meadows explained the processes that natural gas undergo between the gas line and fuel pump to become a useable vehicle fuel.

CNG Station Tour 1

_Meadows shows meeting attendees one of the machines that converts natural gas into a vehicle fuel. Credit: NAFTC. _

Following the station tour, Jason Ware, from Antero Resources spoke about his company’s recent conversion to a CNG vehicle. Ware answered questions about his truck’s conversion equipment, fuel costs and performance.

CNG Station Tour 2

Jason Ware explains to meeting attendees how CNG components differ from conventional vehicles by taking a look under the hood of his CNG converted truck. Credit: NAFTC.

Meeting attendees were also invited to experience fueling a CNG vehicle firsthand.

Kelly Bragg at the CNG Pump

Kelly Bragg, West Virginia Clean State Program Co-coordinator at the CNG fuel pump. Credit: NAFTC.

Afterwards, attendees gathered at the Bridgeport Conference Center to discuss the impact of natural gas in West Virginia on their business.

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