Recargo, a software company that provides services for the plug-in car industry, has announced an intriguing new addition to one of its products: a mobile app that gives electric vehicle (EV) owners the opportunity to rate—and to review others’ ratings—of various charging stations across the nation. Recargo has dubbed this app “PlugScore,” and hopes that it will be used to facilitate communication among EV owners.

The app should be incredibly useful for drivers who are concerned with finding quality fueling stations for their EVs. After all, Recargo claims that they have over 20,000 North American EV stations listed in their database, giving consumers plenty of options to choose from when seeking a charging station.

Electric charging stations pose different challenges for consumers than conventional gasoline stations do. For instance, an EV charging station may not be equipped to charge every type of electric vehicle that’s on the market. This is obviously critical for drivers to know, particularly if they are planning a long-distance road trip. The PlugScore app should be able to provide drivers with precisely that information, allowing drivers to plan ahead more accurately for long trips.

“PlugScore takes the guess-work out of picking a charging station and works much like a restaurant rating system,” said Brian Kariger, CEO of Recargo, Inc. “Now, drivers have the critical information necessary to choose the right charging station. PlugScore ratings provide a quick summary of driver reviews and other factors that make up the overall charging experience in a single number.”

Recargo PlugScore1_1

Shown here, a screenshot of Recargo’s new mobile app, PlugShare, highlighting the Golden Gateway EV station in San Francisco, CA. Note that the fueling station has been given a 10/10 rating on the app (as indicated by the bright green box next to the station’s name). Also note that the app differentiates between public charging stations (in green), and home charging stations (in blue). Credit: Recargo, Inc.

PlugScore is an expansion of one of Recargo’s most popular products, PlugShare. The PlugShare product helps EV drivers by aggregating station listings from EV charging service providers, government agencies, and the collective efforts of PlugShare community members. PlugShare enables users to:

• Browse and search the world’s largest database of charging stations
• Check-in, review, and add tips and photos about charging location experiences
• Contact PlugShare members via app, phone, or SMS to coordinate charging
• Share electricity from home EV plug or domestic outlets with other EV owners
• Share charging station links via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter
• Get notifications when a new charging station is located nearby

PlugScore is available on the PlugShare website, as well as on mobile devices. (The app has been designed for both Android and Apple iOS devices.) There is even a customized version of the app for the iPad, which utilizes a much larger screen than traditional mobile devices.

This new app certainly addresses one of the key concerns of EV ownership—range anxiety—and goes a long way towards alleviating it.

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