Environmental Entrepreneurs (a national community of business leaders founded in 2000) has released its latest clean energy report. The report is titled Clean Energy Works For Us: 2013 Second Quarter Clean Energy/Clean Transportation Jobs and highlights job growth potential in the clean energy and clean transportation sectors.

The report found that job opportunities in clean energy/transportation continue to grow. In the second quarter of this year, “more than 38,600 clean energy and clean transportation jobs connected to at least 58 projects were announced,” according to the network. This is a slight increase from the same period a year ago when the report tracked 37,400 clean energy jobs.

The report found four major trends in the clean energy sector: * solar energy reached a new milestone * wind announcements regained strength * energy efficiency investments showed potential to create thousands of jobs * clean energy saw job growth in Republican and Democratic districts

Solar Energy

Environmental Entrepreneurs writes, “Solar generation projects accounted for more than 10,400 jobs announced this quarter.” That accounts for 25 percent of the total clean energy jobs that the company tracked during the second quarter.

Solar Energy Panels

The report found that solar energy accounted for 25 percent of total clean energy jobs announced in the second quarter and 75 percent of all power-generation jobs. Credit: NAFTC.

Wind Energy

The report also found that wind-power generation projects are increasing in popularity. This quarter, more than 2,500 wind-power generation jobs were announced, compared with about 800 wind jobs that were announced during the first quarter of the year.

Energy Efficiency Investments

“Energy efficiency projects in Alaska and Hawaii could create thousands of jobs,” writes Environmental Entrepreneurs. Alaska’s increased investment in the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s Home Energy Rebate and Weatherization Program could add up to more than 600 new jobs in the state’s clean energy sector. In addition, Hawaii has announced up to 5,000 job opportunities in the clean energy sector this quarter.

Clean Energy and Job Growth

The report includes a table of clean energy jobs announced based on congressional districts and finds that “clean energy and clean transportation jobs were announced in both Republican and Democratic congressional districts across the country in the second quarter.”

The full report can be found here (in pdf form): http://cleanenergyworksforus.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/CleanEnergyWorksForUS.Q2.2013.pdf.

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