On July 25 and 26, the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) partnered with Nissan to conduct a professional development meeting at Nissan’s TN facilities. The professional development meeting featured comprehensive Nissan LEAF training as well as an update on the NAFTC’s accomplishments, new projects, and revamped curriculum materials.

On July 25, the group participated in an all-day technical training on the Nissan LEAF, covering components, diagnostics evaluation, and repair of the vehicle at the Nissan Training Center in Franklin, TN.

August 2013 Nissan 1

Participants in the NAFTC Professional Development meeting received two days of Nissan LEAF training, hosted by Nissan at their TN facilities. Credit: NAFTC.

The second day of Nissan training, conducted at Nissan’s headquarters in New Smyrna, TN, focused on the LEAF’s charging capabilities, including Level 1 and Level 2 charging, as well as DC fast charging. The second day also included a session on how the Nissan LEAF is marketed. This information provided the participants with information that can be used when they conduct education and outreach activities, so consumers can be provided with adequate vehicle specific information to assist them in making the correct electric vehicle choice to best satisfy their needs.

“The NAFTC Professional Development meeting gave members an insight into the Nissan LEAF that until now has been available to only Nissan personnel. To be the first organization, outside of the Nissan family, to receive technical training on the LEAF as well as insight into the marketing, charging infrastructure, manufacturing, and other information on this unique vehicle was incredible,” said NAFTC Acting Director, Bill Davis.

The LEAF-specific training will enhance the information in the NAFTC’s complex suite of electric drive vehicle training, including the Electric Drive Vehicle Automotive Technician Training, Career and Technical Education Training, and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training, by allowing NAFTC instructors to provide specific technical information on the vehicle when teaching these classes to various audiences.

Davis continued, “The NAFTC members can use this to better communicate with their students in training and with consumers and others in education and outreach activities. I personally have already used the information with a friend who was asking questions about the LEAF. I was able to more concisely give information to help them make a decision on a purchase. Thank you to Nissan North America Inc.”

Following the Nissan LEAF training, members gathered for the NAFTC business meeting in Nashville. The group was advised of general NAFTC activities, curriculum updates, and the latest communications updates. Bill Davis recognized the NAFTC’s newest members: Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Boston, MA (National Training Center); Bridgemont Community & Technical College, Montgomery, WV (National Training Center); Iowa Western Community College, Council Bluffs, IA (National Training Center); and American Sunroof Upholstery, Dallas, TX (Small Business Member). Davis also announced that the next Professional Development Meeting will be held in early November 2013 in Long Beach, CA, with tours of hydrogen facilities as well as a Train-the-Trainer session of the Electric Drive Vehicle Infrastructure Curriculum. The NAFTC continues to work to build the membership base and enhance membership benefits, and was pleased to have so many member organizations represented at the Nashville meeting.

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