The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) is excited to announce that Nissan will host the Consortium for Nissan LEAF Training at the Nissan Americas Headquarters and the Nissan Training Center in Franklin, Tenn.

2012 Leaf Photo

2012 Nissan Leaf, Credit: NAFTC.

Scheduled for July 25 and 26, the training will be conducted for NAFTC members from across the country, as part of the Consortium’s summer professional development meeting. The NAFTC, a program of West Virginia University, has produced an entire suite of electric drive vehicle curricula and supplemental materials, under the NAFTC’s Advanced Electric Drive Vehicle Education Program, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The training provided by Nissan will provide the NAFTC members with LEAF-specific information.

Nissan advertises the LEAF as the world’s best-selling pure electric vehicle with over 65,000 cumulative sales worldwide, and over 27,000 in the United States. The 2013 Nissan LEAF features numerous customer-focused upgrades and is now being assembled at Nissan’s plant in Smyrna, Tenn. LEAF is powered by a responsive 80kW AC synchronous motor produced at Nissan’s Powertrain Assembly plant in Decherd, Tenn., with energy supplied by an advanced 48-module lithium-ion battery assembled at Nissan’s new battery plant in Smyrna.

NAFTC Acting Director Bill Davis explained that the NAFTC members attending the professional development session are primarily automotive technician instructors at universities, community colleges, colleges, and high schools. The NAFTC has a very complex suite of electric drive vehicle training. The LEAF-specific training will enhance the information in the NAFTC’s Electric Drive Vehicle Automotive Technician Training, Career and Technical Education Training, and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training, by allowing NAFTC instructors to provide specific technical information on the vehicle when teaching these classes to various audiences.

“The willingness of manufacturers, such as Nissan, to offer training to the NAFTC is instrumental in making electric drive vehicles an integral part of the American transportation system. Without properly trained automotive technicians and electric vehicle infrastructure technicians, the consumer experience will not be satisfactory, therefore hindering the success of the electric drive vehicle. We often say education is one of the final pieces of the large puzzle of developing alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, but what an extremely important piece it is! The NAFTC, with its 50+ member educational institutions across the country, is educating hundreds of automotive technicians yearly on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. “

The Nissan LEAF training will include an all-day technical training on the Nissan LEAF covering components, diagnostics evaluation, and repair of the vehicle. The second day of training will focus on the LEAF charging capabilities, including the Level 1 and Level 2 charging, as well as the DC fast charge. The second day will also include a session on how the LEAF is marketed. This information will provide the participants with information that can be used when they conduct education and outreach activities, so consumers can be provided with adequate vehicle specific information to assist them in making the correct electric vehicle choice to best satisfy their needs.

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