The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) conducted its fourth session of the Electric Drive Vehicle Automotive Technician course at the NAFTC headquarters in Morgantown, West Virginia from May 20 through May 24, 2013.

The week-long course instructed participants on the fundamentals, system design, diagnostic considerations, and special service topics of hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and fuel cell electric vehicles. The course covered appropriate safety measures in maintaining electric drive vehicles and described their electric propulsion systems. These systems include construction, operation, control strategies, service tools, scan tool data, and basic diagnostic fundamentals. The training contains manufacturer-specific information on various models of vehicles and incorporates a great deal of hands-on and workshop exercises to facilitate understanding and improve the learning process. The automotive technician training is based on an intermediate technician level and gives participants the knowledge to diagnose and repair electric drive vehicles.

As the number of electric drive vehicles on the road continues to increase, the need for qualified technicians to service and maintain these vehicles is growing rapidly. This course allows the NAFTC to help meet this need, while offering a unique and interesting training opportunity to participants.

Participants spend a large portion of time in the course, working on the hybrid electric vehicle training educator, or HEVTE, and other electrical testing units.

“This class has been at least 60% hands on, using tools that I commonly wouldn’t have used, but now feel that I need to purchase,” said Matt Rieger from Blue Ridge Community College.

“Some of the [electrical] faults that Mark, the instructor, put into the vehicles were really helpful to learn the failures that you could possibly see with the hybrid EV components. I was really impressed with the shorting of the machines, and the inverter testing and battery testing that we did.”

EdD Class

Participants in the electric drive class get hands on experience with hybrid components.

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