On March 26, FedEx Express, a division of Federal Express, announced plans to expand its global alternative fuel vehicle fleet—which now includes more than 650 alternative fuel delivery vehicles—by launching a new all-electric vehicle fleet in Hong Kong, China. The fleet, which will consist of 10 all-electric commercial vehicles, will be FedEx Express’s first zero-emissions all-electric fleet to be deployed in Asia Pacific.

Alternative fuel vehicles, like the ones that will comprise the all-electric fleet in Hong Kong, have helped FedEx Express to surpass the goal they set in 2008 to increase the fuel efficiency of its vehicle fleet by 20% in 12 years. The company has also increased its original fuel efficiency goal by 50%, now setting a target for 30% improvement in fuel efficiency for its global vehicle fleet by the original 2020 target date.

“This is a milestone for FedEx Express in Asia Pacific. The deployment of the new zero emission all-electric vehicles demonstrates the FedEx Express commitment to delivering industry-leading innovation, while reducing our environmental impact. We are proud to build a more sustainable operation in the long-term through fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, and provide our customers with unparalleled connectivity and services. These electric trucks are not only aimed at improving FedEx Express fleet efficiency in Asia Pacific, but also promoting the development of all-electric trucks among all vehicle users for a more sustainable future,” said David L. Cunningham Jr., president of FedEx Express Asia Pacific.

FedEx EV

Ten all-electric FedEx Express delivery vans, like the ones pictured above, will be deployed in Hong Kong, China to help lower fuel emissions. Credit: FedEx Express Corporation.

FedEx Express currently has more than 650 alternative fuel vehicles in its global vehicle fleet and will have approximately 200 all-electric vehicles by the end of the fiscal year 2013. In Asia Pacific, FedEx Express has two hybrid vehicles in Hong Kong already in operation since 2010.

The managing director at Hong Kong and Macau, Anthony Leung, commented on why all-electric vehicles are a perfect fit for the region.

“There are many rolling hills in Hong Kong where we deliver and collect packages, but this vehicle can recharge its own battery when going downhill. So the electric vehicle is perfect for the Hong Kong market,” said Leung. “Each of our vehicles is on the road on average around 8-9 hours per day at speeds below 100 kilometers per hour. That’s why this vehicle is ideal.”

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