Recently the U.S. DOE Clean Cities Program regional managers visited the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC).

The U.S. DOE Clean Cities Program divides the country into eight regions with regional managers overseeing the U.S. DOE Clean Cities Coalitions in their geographic areas.

A number of years had passed since the U.S. DOE Clean Cities regional managers had visited the NAFTC facilities. In that time, several new regional mangers had been appointed and were unfamiliar with all of the NAFTC programs and facility. Mike Scarpino, regional manager for the north-east region, organized the visit.

NAFTC Acting Director Bill Davis reviewed the current projects and history of the NAFTC. Following the presentation and a question and answer period, the visitors toured the NAFTC training facilities and explored with the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Training Educator (HEVTE). HEVTE is a cut-away Toyota Prius modified to allow students to view the inner workings of the vehicle. QR (quick response) codes are placed on specific components of the vehicle. The codes can be scanned with a hand-held device which will lead the user to additional information about the component.

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Bill Davis shows the U.S. DOE Clean Cities Regional Managers some of the features on HEVTE in the NAFTC garage. Credit: NAFTC.

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