The Advisory Committee for the Advanced Electric Drive (AED) Vehicle Education Program met at the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) office on April 18, 2013. The group reviewed the NAFTC’s progress toward completing the deliverables for the AED grant. These include completing a number of First Responder Safety Training courses, Community and Technical Education courses, and Electric Drive Vehicle Automotive Technician Train-the-Trainer courses, as well as creating an electric vehicle infrastructure curriculum, and completing marketing and outreach activities to promote all of the curricula and training.

The members of the advisory committee were able to watch a demonstration of the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Training Educator (HEVTE), and observe an Electric Drive Vehicle Automotive Technician train-the-trainer course that was being taught at the NAFTC headquarters.

AED Ad Committee

Advisory Committee member, Tom Gross, watches a video on HEVTE’s screen. Credit: NAFTC.

Advisory Committee member Kevin Herdler said, “The first responder training that you guys are offering, the QRG is amazing, and then this vehicle [HEVTE] is so cool. It is really great what you guys have done for this program. I just see great things coming out of it and it continuing to grow. The QRG is an amazing application and is great for the firefighters out there. All three of my boys have it on their phones and I know all of the city firefighters in St. Louis have them. The QRG is really a cool thing and I look forward to sharing that with a whole lot more firefighters.”

The Advisory Committee consists of members from industry, government, and education. Committee members include:
• Lanny Adkins, West Virginia University Fire Service Extension
• Gary Caille, Colorado State University – Systems Solutions Group
• Gene Coulson, formerly with the West Virginia Department of Education
• Gerrill Griffith, formerly West Virginia University Research Corporation
• Tom Gross, formerly with the U.S. Department of Energy
• Roy Nutter, West Virginia University
• Andy O’Neal, University of Northwestern Ohio
• Chris Peterson, Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.
• Paul Williamson, Sustainable Systems of Colorado
• Kevin Herdler, St. Louis Regional Clean Cities

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