Nissan owner, Charlie Yaeger says that the Nissan Leaf takes driving electric to a new level. The 97-year-old driver has 80 years of driving experience to back up that statement.

In a new video by Nissan, Yaeger provides an overview of his history of driving. He’s driven everything from a Ford Model T and a 1916 Baker Electric to a 1980’s Nissan Maxima wagon. He recalls when gas stations were so sparse that drivers had to memorize where everyone was located, and draws parallels between that experience and today’s public electric-car charging stations.

“It will be another infrastructure evolution,” said Yaeger of the expanding EV charging system.

In the video, Yaeger also recalls the development of the United States High System.

“We reveled in the fact that we had 60 miles of concrete from Chicago to Danville, IL. Well, that was the superhighway then: two 12-foot lanes of concrete, with no shoulder. It was very gradual until Eisenhower.”

“I love to drive,” Yaeger said. “And that’s, to me, part of my longevity.”

The Nissan Leaf is one of the world’s most popular plug-in electric models. Nissan has sold 50,000 models of the Leaf worldwide. Credit: Nissan.

Nissan has three variations of the plug-in electric Leaf model for 2013. The Leaf S, the Leaf SV, and the Leaf SL. Each boasting a 130 miles per gallon equivalent on the highway. The company sold its 50,000th Leaf last month; the car has been on the global market since 2010.

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