The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) attended the eighth annual Vision Hi-Tech Training and Expo March 7 – 10, in Kansas City, Missouri. NAFTC acting director Bill Davis and assistant director – curriculum and training Micheal Smyth attended the event, where they exhibited materials on the NAFTC’s natural gas, propane, and first responder curricula, as well as the new Electric Drive Vehicle Automotive Technician course.

Hosted by the Automotive Service Association of Missouri/Kansas at the Overland Park Convention Center, the conference featured training sessions, on such topics as “Hands-On Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Battery System Diagnosis” and “Hybrid & Electrical Vehicle Battery Testing.” In addition, the Expo Hall highlighted the latest repair facilities, dealerships, colleges and technical schools, fleet repair centers and municipal garages.


The NAFTC displayed a selection of course materials at the eighth annual Vision High-Tech Training and Expo. Credit: NAFTC.

“Vision Expo presented excellent opportunities for the NAFTC to network with in-service automotive professionals, technical college instructors, industry leaders, and many others that are already involved in, or are preparing to begin, alternative fuel vehicle training” Smyth noted. “I enjoyed meeting others who share our interest in advanced technology vehicles and how they are becoming an ever growing segment of America’s transportation sector.”

The NAFTC displayed a cross-section of our most popular course materials, including compressed natural gas, biodiesel, electric drive, first responder, and our less technical courses designed for a broader audience as an overview of alternative fuels.

“Vision Hi-Tech Training and Expo was a superb conference for automotive training professionals.” said Bill Davis. “The mix of shop equipment, training and information presentations and networking opportunities made this a great conference for the NAFTC to exhibit its training and training products. The combination of automotive trainers, shop and fleet managers and automotive technicians provide excellent opportunities to present the NAFTC to the correct target audiences.”

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