On March 20, a group of students from the WVU Chinese Students and Scholars Association visited the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium to learn more about alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, as well as the programs offered at the NAFTC.

The students, most of whom most participate in courses of study related to energy and engineering, heard an overview of programs and projects that the NAFTC oversees, had a chance to ask questions about alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles and toured the NAFTC facilities. Additionally, the students spent time working with the NAFTC’s Hybrid Electric Vehicle Training Educator (HEVTE), a cutaway Prius that easily familiarizes individuals with hybrid electric vehicle technology.

Bill with Students

Bill Davis, NAFTC acting director, explains the mission of the NAFTC to the WVU Chinese Students and Scholars Association members as part of their visit to the NAFTC. Credit: NAFTC.

“Our group enjoyed the NAFTC presentation and tour. We were introduced to the NAFTC and learned about the six main types of alternative fuels. We learned the most about propane vehicles, since we had never heard of that before. After the presentation we saw the real alternative fuel vehicles and learned more about how they work.” said Zhengjun Wang, president of the WVU Chinese Students and Scholars Association group.

“Most of our group members are engineering graduate students and we really learned a lot from the tour and got ideas on how we could make a difference to develop alternative fuel vehicles. It not only saves much energy for us, but also helps us to protect the environment. China is a country with the largest population in the world and we face some of the same challenges as the U.S., like the energy crisis. As students from China, we really need to take advantage of resources here in the U.S. and educate ourselves. We are so fortunate to have this invaluable opportunity to learn about alternative fuel vehicles through the NAFTC. Our group plans to visit the NAFTC again in the fall semester to learn more!”

Students with HEVTC

The visiting students learn about the inner workings of a Toyota Prius, while watching a video on one of HEVTE’s screens. Credit: NAFTC.

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