This October, program managers and technicians from W.W. Williams took a week of courses on light duty compressed natural gas conversion at the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium headquarters in Morgantown, West Virginia. NAFTC instructor Mark Schmidt conducted the trainings.

W.W. Williams is one of the nation’s largest industrial distribution, repair and service companies. The company develops diesel engines, transmissions, and heavy-duty truck parts, and works with refrigeration, power generation and third-party chain logistics services. The company is considering converting some of its commercial fleet to run on CNG and helping other clients convert their fleets to CNG through conversion kits.

“CNG first came onto our radar at an ACT Expo (Alternative Clean Transportation) in Long Beach this spring,” Keith Kreider, a program manager for W.W. Williams, explained. “We’ve gone through great training this week at NAFTC. The training focused on low pressure under hood systems as well as high pressure fuel storage systems. High pressure system training is a priority for W.W. Williams. Technician and customer safety come first and are the reasons we chose this NAFTC training. This training has closed our knowledge gap and we are now equipped to safely handle 3600psi (pounds per square inch) CNG.”

“CNG is really expanding in popularity right now,” Schmidt explained. “We have Honda with a Civic CNG in pre-production; Dodge is working on CNG trucks. There are new conversion kits, the industry is really on the move.”

Program managers and technicians from W.W. Williams learning about CNG conversions in the garage at the NAFTC headquarters in Morgantown. Credit: NAFTC.

Krieder discussed the possibility of W.W. Williams incorporating CNG in their American locations across the Midwest and Southeast.

“Following this training, we definitely have a high interest in CNG,” Krieder said.

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