IMW Industries, a subsidiary of Clean Energy Fuels Corp., has introduced a self-contained, mobile compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station for small to mid-sized vehicle fleets.
The new system will offer both time-fill and fast-fill fueling capabilities and is mounted on a 24-foot trailer for quick deployment to fleet locations across the country. The station will provide CNG fueling for new fleets or while a permanent station is under construction or undergoing equipment maintenance.

Providing the economic and environmental benefits of using natural gas fuel quickly, the mobile station can be deployed and operating in days rather than months and will aim to keep up with the growing national demand for natural gas. It can fill 10 vehicles simultaneously in fill-time mode or two vehicles in fast-fill mode and is designed for use together with a portable generator and an onsite utility gas supply connection.

IMW Mobile Station from Clean Energy2

IMW’s new system can fuel CNG-powered refuse trucks, delivery trucks, service vans or other types of vehicle fleets. Credit: IMW/Clean Energy

“This new product offering broadens our capabilities in the expanding market for natural gas compression equipment for fueling transportation in North America and worldwide,” said IMW CEO and President Brad Miller. “The flexibility and utility of this mobile CNG system supports fleet operators looking to provide temporary or emergency coverage for their CNG fueling networks. The mobile CNG fueling package includes proven IMW CNG components in a system that combines ease of mobility with plug-and-play simplicity.”

The use of natural gas fuel reduces costs significantly for vehicle and fleet owners and reduces greenhouse gas emissions up to 30 percent in light-duty vehicles and 23 percent in medium- to heavy-duty vehicles. Natural gas is also a secure North American energy source with 98 percent of the natural gas consumed produced in the U.S. and Canada.

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