The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) recently was represented at the California Automotive Teachers Conference.

Held in Whittier, Calif., Oct. 21-22, the fall conference was hosted by Rio Hondo Community College, one of the NAFTC’s national training centers. The California Automotive Teachers Conference featured 24 seminars and hosted 30 participants at the conference tradeshow.

Rio Hondo CAT Conf

The campus of NAFTC member, Rio Hondo Community College, was the site of the Fall 2011 California Automotive Teachers Conference. Credit: Rio Hondo Community College

NAFTC Executive Director Al Ebron and Assistant Director of Training and Curriculum Development, Micheal Smyth were on hand to promote the NAFTC’s mission and provide outreach.

“This conference had 200 schools with automotive education programs and gave us the opportunity to help educate them about our programs and the many types of curricula we offer,” said Smyth.

The conference provided automotive educators with an update of new focuses and overall guidelines in automotive education.

Ebron led a seminar discussion about the training opportunities at the NAFTC and the Advanced Electric Drive Vehicle Education Program. This included information about the curricula including First Responder Safety Training, Automotive Technician Training, Career & Technical Education Training and Infrastructure Training. The session also held a review of the learning management system courses.

Tom Birch, an instructor from Yuba College, a National Training Center member of the NAFTC, was also on hand to conduct seminars. A long-time member of California Automotive Teachers, Birch led discussions on air conditioning diagnostics and hybrid vehicle drivetrains.

“Being at the CAT Conference allowed us the opportunity to provide outreach to increase our national training center membership and spread the NAFTC’s mission to automotive schools throughout California,” Smyth added.

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