For the very first time, the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) participated in the 6th Annual Safety Symposium hosted by the General Services Administration (GSA) Sept. 6 in Arlington, Va.


The NAFTC participates in the 6th Annual Safety Symposium hosted by GSA to promote safety training and course offerings. Credit: NAFTC

The Safety Symposium hosted 70 vendors ranging from such topics as food, transportation and building safety and was sponsored by the GSA Office of Travel – Motor Vehicle and Card Services and the National Capitol Region Public Building Service.

The NAFTC was among these vendors and featured an informational presentation on the First Responder Safety Training available through the Clean Cities Learning Program and the Advanced Electric Drive Vehicle Education Program.

Assistant Director of Operations Bill Davis represented the NAFTC at the symposium. “I was extremely busy for the duration of the event, fielding questions about our training and course offerings,” he noted. “People were not aware of the major differences when it comes to safety and maintenance and how this needs to be considered as federal agencies transition their fleets to electric and alternative fuel vehicles.”

The one-day symposium featured speakers from the GSA including Steven J. Kempf, commissioner, Federal Acquisition Service; Julia E. Hudson, regional administrator, National Capital Region; William A. Toth Jr., director, Office of Motor Vehicle Management; and David Madaras, president, Chesapeake Regional Safety Council.

“I was very pleased with the positive reception the NAFTC received and how pleased all of the participants were with knowing that we exist as a resource to provide trainings for federal fleets,” Davis added. “We hope to serve as a vital resource for GSA and other federal agencies as they make the mandated transition to electric and alternative fuel vehicles. We look forward to working with them on other training opportunities in the future.”

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