ClipperCreek, maker of electric vehicle infrastructure products, and SolarCity, a solar panel provider, are joining forces to produce solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations. SolarCity estimates that charging electric vehicles with solar power can save drivers 77 percent on fuel costs.


SolarCity, a solar panel provider, is joining forces with ClipperCreek, a maker of electric vehicle charging components, to make solar-powered electric vehicle stations. Credit: Solar City

“SolarCity’s mission has always been to help homeowners and businesses adopt clean power while saving on energy costs,” said Lyndon Rive, chief executive officer of Solar City. “Electric cars are already among the cleanest running vehicles on the road — charging them on solar makes them that much better. Tens of thousands of electric cars will be delivered over the next year alone, with hundreds of thousands expected over the next five years. We’re making it easier to power them with carbon-free electricity for zero emissions and to dramatically reduce the cost of driving.”

The ClipperCreek EV chargers will be installed through Solar City’s 24 operations centers nationwide, making it the largest provider of electric vehicle and solar energy efficient services in the U.S. The charging systems will also be available for home or business installation of a 240-volt Level II EV charger starting at $1,500. The chargers can be installed prior to the delivery of an electric car.

The chargers are compatible with all new electric vehicles. They were designed with the most popular electric vehicles in mind, including those currently available on the market – Chevy Volt, Ford Transit Connect, Nissan LEAF, Tesla Roadster and all Society of Automotive Engineers-compatible plug-in vehicles that are soon to be released from major and most new car companies.

SolarCity found that within their major service region of the San Francisco Bay area that consumers paying the national average gas price spend about $230 per month to fuel a gasoline-powered car. Electric vehicle drivers using the solar installation will spend an estimated $54 per month with the same miles driven.

“We are pleased to partner with SolarCity to help increase the number of homes and businesses that can run electric cars on renewable energy,” said Dave Packard, president of ClipperCreek. “Roughly 40 percent of residential EV owners have solar, and we expect these environmental and economic benefits to expand with the coming proliferation of electric cars and increasing use of solar power.”

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