Touring the country this summer, Chesapeake Energy’s compressed natural gas (CNG) motor coach Big Blue and the world’s very first CNG chopper are on the road to promote the importance of developing compressed natural gas vehicles.


Chesapeake’s CNG Motor Coach Big Blue is hitting the road this summer to educate the public about compressed natural gas vehicles. Credit: Chesapeake Energy

Chesapeake’s CNG Motor Coach Big Blue will be touring the country at various fairs and festivals to showcase the versatility of natural gas power and educating the public about compressed natural gas and the future opportunities it presents within the transportation sector. Big Blue, the Affinity-class motor coach, is powered by a Cummins ISX 650-horsepower engine, with a dual-fuel system that runs on a combination of natural gas and diesel. The RV comes complete with external television screens for presentations as it promotes natural gas at various events across the country this summer.


The world’s first CNG chopper was designed by the crew from the TV show, American Choppers. Credit: Chesapeake Energy

Joining these efforts, the world’s first CNG chopper is also hitting the pavement this summer to promote the development of compressed natural gas vehicles. The CNG Chopper, a motorcycle built by the crew from the hit TV show “American Choppers,” was featured on a recent episode that showed the crew creating the chopper’s design elements and also visiting a drilling rig to learn more about natural gas production.

The chopper dons a blue and green design element to commemorate Chesapeake Energy’s 20th anniversary. The bike sports a typical 117-cubic-inch V-twin engine, six-speed transmission and belt drive. Unlike other choppers, this one features a mixer “fogger” rather than a carburetor to feed gas to the engine, while the chopper’s gas gauge reads in pounds per square inch instead of gallons.

The Chesapeake CNG Motor Coach and chopper will be promoting the new vehicle technology all across the country. More information can be obtained from CNG Now or on Chesapeake Energy’s Facebook page.

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