The Associated Press reports that Disney and Pixar’s Cars 2 is going green with the feature’s star car, Lightning McQueen running on alternative fuel.

Lightning McQueen must compete in the first-ever World Grand Prix in the race to determine the world’s fastest car. Lightning McQueen is a V-8 engine with 750 horsepower and takes top speeds of 200 miles per hour running on the clean fuel source, allinol.


Audiences can catch “Cars 2” in theaters this summer and take away an important message about the importance of alternative fuels. Credit: Disney-Pixar

Owen Wilson is the voice of Lightning McQueen and in real life also doubles as an owner of an alternative fuel vehicle, the Toyota Prius.

“I remember in the ‘70s, the gas lines. We’re still dealing with a lot of those problems, so anything that can sort of get the message out in an entertaining way that we need to be looking for some solutions to some of these problems, I think is good,” Wilson said. “Because the way we’re doing it now obviously isn’t working, which is why you see Detroit and all these big companies shifting focus now to more efficient cars.”

Eddie Izzard also lends his voice in the film as Miles Axelrod, a former oil tycoon, who turned himself into an electric vehicle and advocates for alternative fuels.

The plot involves a conflict of traditional fuel providers who take aim at discrediting the use of alternative fuels at the World Grand Prix.
“We don’t make message movies,” said John Lasseter, director of “Cars 2.” “We weave things in that are going on, that you’re familiar with in the world, and kind of bring it into our stories.”

“Cars 2” premiered June 24 and is currently in theaters captivating audiences on the importance of clean energy and alternative fuels.

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