Beginning in January and extending through mid-March, the EcoTREK “Best of America Tour” is promoting American manufacturing and domestically produced POET cellulosic ethanol (E85) at events from Santa Monica, Calif., to New York and everywhere in between. Cellulosic ethanol is the next generation of EPA-approved biofuels produced from non-food grasses, agricultural by-products such as crop residues and waste materials either diverted or removed from landfills.

The EcoTREK Best of America Tour

The EcoTREK Best of America Tour is promoting advanced cellulosic ethanol fuel technology along with American manufacturing and industry as it travels around the country. Credit: EcoTREK

“American farmers can sell crop residue (corn husks, cobs, etc.) to POET, leaving the corn kernel for food,” explained Tom Holm, executive director of the EcoTREK Foundation and creator of the Best of America Tour. “No additional fertilizer or water and very little fuel is needed to refine crop residue into fuel. It’s just laying there. American farmers ‘grow’ the fuel crop, Americans (POET) produce the fuel, American companies pump the fuel, and American-made FlexFuel vehicles use the fuel.”

The EcoTREK tour is promoting the increased production of cellulosic ethanol, which could create tens of thousands of jobs, increase unsubsidized revenue to farmers and lower the country’s dependence on foreign oil. While touting the merits of turning toward a domestically produced fuel, the tour is promoting all things American by using an American-made expedition vehicle produced by Outlaw Off-Road as well as American-made accessories and equipment from AutoHome, Wilco Products, Viair, Firestone, Intro-Tech, MagnaFlow Exhaust, Dick Cepek, Line-X and TransferFlow.

The EcoTREK tour is stopping at gas stations

The EcoTREK tour is stopping at gas stations, national parks, farms, refineries and a number of other public venues around the country. On Jan. 17, they stopped at Propel Fuels in Oakland, Calif.
Credit: EcoTREK

The cross country tour kicked off Jan. 11 with stops at the California Ethanol Symposium and Propel Fuels in Oakland, Calif. After stopping in San Francisco, EcoTREK had stops in Phoenix, Denver, national parks and POET in South Dakota, Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New Orleans. In March, the EcoTREK Best of American Tour will be visiting Dallas as well as Tucson and Phoenix before returning to Santa Monica, Calif., on March 12. Stops include national parks, farms, refineries, meetings with automakers in Detroit, meetings with government officials in Washington and assistance with Gulf Coast cleanup efforts in the Tensaw Delta and New Orleans.

EcoTREK’s Holm is tracking the progress of the tour with blog updates and video at

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