The U.S. Department of Energy is soliciting applications for a total of up to $74 million in possible grant money to support the research and development of hydrogen fuel cells for both stationary and transportation applications.

“The investments we’re making today will help advance fuel cell technology in the United States,” said U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu. “This is part of a broad effort to create American jobs, reduce carbon pollution and help ensure the U.S. stays competitive in the growing clean energy economy.”

DOE is making available new funding opportunities

DOE is making available new funding opportunities to continue advancing the nation’s research and development on hydrogen fuel cell technology. Credit: DOE

Applicants are expected to include research collaboration between university, industry and national laboratory participants. Up to $65 million of the grant funds are available for up to three years for ongoing research and development projects on fuel cell components, such as catalysts and membrane electrode assemblies. The DOE hopes the research done under the grant money will generate new developments that will reduce costs and improve both the durability and efficiency of hydrogen fuel cell systems. Another $9 million is available for independent cost analyses that will assess the progress of hydrogen fuel cell technology under current research initiatives in the hopes of informing the future economic viability and technical progress of fuel and hydrogen technologies for both stationary and transportation purposes.

While the applications for the $65 million are due by March 3, a letter of intent was required by Jan. 28. Applications for the cost analysis solicitation of $9 million were due Feb. 18. In the coming months, DOE will announce the recipient projects. For more information, please visit the FedConnect Funding Opportunity Announcement page and search for DE-FOA-0000360 and DE-FOA-0000420.

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