iPhone Apps Locate Alternative Fueling Stations

Several iPhone apps are now available to help drivers locate alternative fueling stations.

The GreenFuel app, developed by NY Enterprises, helps consumers locate alternative fueling stations anywhere in the United States. Users can search by current GPS location, zip code and alternative fuel type, and results appear by the user-defined radius or by station details, such as name, address, phone number, fuel type and nozzle type.

When utilizing GreenFuel, iPhone customers can search for biodiesel, compressed natural gas, electric, ethanol (E85), hydrogen, liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas.

GreenFuel App

The GreenFuel app for the iPhone allows drivers to locate alternative fueling stations anywhere in the United States.Credit: http://greenfuelapp.com

In addition, consumers looking specifically for biodiesel may want to try Enscand, Inc.’s Biodiesel Buddy iPhone and Blackberry apps, which use location or zip code to find nearby biodiesel retailers. Biodiesel Buddy also shares which blends are available, tracks fuel economy and tallies how much carbon dioxide has been saved from entering the air.

Biodiesel Buddy

The Biodiesel Buddy, which is available as an iPhone app or as a Blackberry app, notifies travelers of biodiesel fueling stations. Credit: http://www.enscand.com

Finally, Electric vehicle drivers seeking plug-in charges can use Coulomb Technologies’ ChargePoint iPhone app, which allows consumers to locate charging stations anywhere in North America.

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