Fleet operators, city officials, vendors and students gathered recently at a “Mini Fuel Odyssey” event hosted by Clean Communities of Central New York, one of the U.S. Department of Energy’s 87 recognized Clean Cities Coalitions.

The event was held at Onondaga Community College (OCC) in Syracuse, NY and it featured several vehicles such as a hybrid medium duty vehicle, ZAP EVs, ZENN NEV, EPRI/Ford Plug-in Hybrid Escape and a Natural Gas Civic GX.

Coordinator, Barry Carr, and Coordinator Emeritus, Joe Barry, made presentations on the state of the DOE Economic Stimulus Recovery Act funding. In addition, Gary Ruebsamen, Director of OCC’s Vehicle Technology program, welcomed his students, who participated in the meeting. Other speakers included Tom Peck of Eaton Corporation and Gary Padula of Stadium International.

Al Ebron, Executive Director of the NAFTC, said “We are proud to support Clean Communities of Central New York and Onondaga Community College in their efforts to educate their communities about the importance of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles by conducting a ‘mini’ Odyssey Day on Odyssey’s off year. This is a great way to keep the educational momentum rolling, which is created through Odyssey, and allows many more to hear about the role these vehicles can play in America’s quest for energy independence.”

OCC and Clean Communities of Central New York are an ideal example of an NAFTC National Training Center and a Clean Cities Coalition working together and creating incredible success through their partnership. Both are looking forward to participating in next year’s National AFV Day Odyssey in October of 2010.

Joe Barry GX at CCCNY Meeting Nov 09

Joe Barry, Coordinator Emeritus of the Mini Fuel Odyssey Day, is pictured with a Natural Gas Civic GX. Credit: Barry Carr

Hybrid Shuttle Azure CCCNY Nov 09

Hybrid Shuttle Azure, one of the many vehicles featured at event hosted by Onondaga Community College and the Clean Communities of Central New York. Credit: Barry Carr.

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